Why Choose Us?

Ann Perreau’s was founded in 1980. Through years of experience, we have realised that following a system that consists of only graded examinations on theory papers and three pieces a year can dull a child’s interest in music. Therefore in 1998, we adopted a different teaching method called Specialist Music Training. It is a method that we believe brings out the love for music in a child more effectively. Children enrolled for this training are enriched by exposure to various aspects of music making such as history, aesthetics of sound, knowledge of repertoire and performing experiences including ensemble & orchestral playing.

Most of the children start learning the piano at the age of 5, and about a year later, start on an orchestral instrument as a second study to enable them to play in the orchestra. They learn that music making is not just about playing the right notes and passing examinations but is a realisation of the relationship between the individual, sound and the instrument.

If a child should choose music as a career and at the same time demonstrates exceptional musicianship, we have the resources to expose them to opportunities that lie abroad, guiding them through auditions with the hope that they will receive scholarships to one of the four specialist music schools in England where their musical experiences can be further expanded. We aim for the finest musical achievements in all our students, bringing them to reach their full potential, not only musically but also academically, artistically and emotionally. Ultimately, we hope that when the children leave us eventually to pursue the goals they have in their life, they will have cultivated a love for music so strong that it will last them a lifetime.