“Music has held a firm place in my heart for a long time, and it all started at Ann Perreau’s. I don’t even remember when I joined, but it was here that I learnt to really appreciate all kinds of music. The wonderful foundation from Ann P’s even enabled me to achieve a scholarship to study overseas! I’m so grateful to all the staff there, they were all so supportive and willing to teach anyone who wanted to learn.” ~ June Yin Gan (Wells Cathedral School; Imperial College London)


“I have now been studying music for 10 years in the UK under scholarship. This could never have been possible, had the amazing people at Ann Perreau’s not opened my eyes early on to the vast expanse of the music world beyond standard education. Here, you learn to love the music you make and not just play the notes you read. The teachers here are incredibly supportive and passionate, and it is little wonder that music making is such a joy to so many students here.” ~ Siong Quen Leong (Chetham’s School of Music; Royal Northern College of Music)


“I started piano lessons at Ann Perreau’s at the age of 6. I was encouraged to explore music beyond the notes on the page, and with my teachers’ guidance and encouragement was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship to study music in the UK at the age of 13. I have such positive memories of music making and learning at Ann Perreau’s and I strongly recommend it to everyone!” ~ Yi Wen Hon (Wells Cathedral School)


“I have always hated practising and doing my theory homework when I was a child. Attending lessons at Ann P’s later made me realise music was never just about notes, but about creation of sounds, appreciation and also understanding of classical music-which is so often thought of as boring. Theory classes were never dull, we would always have food and cake every week!” ~ Weng Soon Tee (Queen’s College, Taunton)


“Till today, though I study abroad, the things I were taught at Ann Perreau’s about not just classical music, but music in general, continue to enhance my everyday life. Looking back at all the best times I’ve had, and many of the friendships that I’ve made, they were all formed when two or more people whip out their instruments and start playing together. I didn’t know it when I joined in the beginning, but the things I learnt at Ann Perreau’s continue to fill a very special space in my life.” ~ Ian Lai (Wellington College)


“Starting music lessons at Ann Perreau’s, when I was 6 years old, had given me the opportunity to pursue my music studies with a scholarship awarded to me in the UK at the age of 10. At Ann Perreau’s, the teachers furthered my limits to explore the vision in music with more colours, adventure and there were so much of music making from solo to duet works in the individual lessons. The Saturday Music Appreciation Group Classes were so enjoyable yet well-rounded, including listening to orchestra excerpts, learning about composers and always finished with delicious cookies! Coming home to play at Ann Perreau’s is always a pleasure.” ~ Nigel Thean (Wells Cathedral School)


“I loved that Ann and her teachers emphasized the joy and appreciation of music as opposed to just syllabus requirements. Ann knew what I loved to play on the piano and threw in a stack of pop music and songs from the musicals alongside whatever pieces I needed for the exams. That balance helped me tremendously. It was perhaps my first student/teacher relationship in Malaysia, where a teacher paid attention to and incorporated my strengths into the education process, after years of being forced to “wear shoes that didn’t fit”. I wholeheartedly support Ann’s approach and institution and give her a fair share of the credit for the fact that I was able to pursue a career as a music professional.” ~ Sean Ghazi

Sean Ghazi2